Our story, a participative media platform


TRANZIT2030.EU – Coop.Expo.Debate represent a participative media platform, developed together with 20 stakeholders from Cluj-Napoca and Nantes involved in sustainability, creative industries and urban innovation;
• We stimulate the bilateral agreement between Cluj-Napoca and Nantes signed in 1991, through public interest debates and socio-cultural events;
• We identify current challenges and future opportunities for cooperation, to increase the resilience of our cities and adapt them to climate change;
• We facilitate a framework for promotion Franco-Romanian brands and international exchange of good practices.
• Showcased as a independent concept at Nantes Creative Generation Forum 2019, since 2020 the project its co-produce in partnership with Centre culturel franco-roumain à Nantes (CCFRN), STORYSCAPES, and part of the Embassy of France in Romania program “Transition écologique, changements climatiques et ville durable”.


The logo symbolizes the transition from two “0” to three “0” through these circles – red and incomplete for the current period, blue and full for what the project aims – keeping at the same time the idea of ​​circular, sustainability but also that efforts will continue beyond that three blue dots.

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